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5 Reasons Why We Crit

5 reasons why we crit

1. To Gain a better understanding and knowledge of vocabulary to crit other peoples and your own work.
2. To identify what i successful and what is less successful in your work.
3. To solve design problems you may have.
4. To work on presentation skills (preperation for the real world)
5. To get a fresh look and judgment of your work. To offer other solutions to problems.

D - Describing - What is It?
I - Interpreting - What is it about?
E - Evaluating - How good is it?
T - Theorising - Does it solve the problem?

5 ultimate questions to ask when criting work

1. Who are the target audience?
2. What is the purpose of the piece? is it raising a question? informing them? humourous? etc...
3. What would you have done differently/change about the piece if given a chance.
4. Is the media/format/colour scheme appropriate for the purpose.
5. Why the composition? use of type or imagery?

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