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COP3 - Practical Research - McDonalds Brand Guidelines Research

I've been researching into existing brand guidelines to help give and idea of some of the elements that are included when using some of these techniques. Obviously I have looked into McDonalds & Nazi Germany as a starting point and found some interesting results...


McDonaldland (1980)

This Specification Manual for a proposed 'McDonaldland' is interesting when relating it back to the ideas of 'trade characters'. You can see how integral to the brand the characters are and you can see the leave of detail they have been thought about and created through within these brand guidelines from the 1980's. 

McDonalds Brand Guidelines (1999)

You can see form these more official brand guidelines from 1999 how the McDonalds brand begins to try to integrate itself within society. There are various different logos that relate to different sectors of the world as this is important. Although the brand guideline booklet is not very aesthetically pleaseing or organised in itself, its still a good way to get a clear idea of what kind of methods are used within a brand guidelines like this. 

McDonalds Re-brand (2012)

The recent re-brand of McDonalds shows how they use the earthy, dull colours in clashing with the red and yellow logo. This in turn causes a clash between the brand which in turn makes the consumer feel uncomfortable within the restaurant situation, ultimately reducing the time they stay there to eat. You can see by their newest re-brand they are starting to simplify their brand, but they still have the same global dominance. The brand is already integrated within society. 

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