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COP3 - Research - Greenpeace Branding

Greenpeace Branding 

Looking at existing Greenpeace branding was extremely important to see what kind of branding style and techniques they currently use. Although they don't relate to my theory, it's important to get an idea for the current visual, in order to see what works and what needs to be progresses using the theoretical practice.

Greenpeace Logo

The Greenpeace logo is pretty simple and to the point. It has a DIY quality to it which I suppose outlines the ethos of the brand. However there is no striking emblem or mark which could be easily replicated and widespread. By creating this through a re-brand, I could implement a brandmark which would be ubiquitous. 

Print and Web

After looking at both print and web application of the brand, it is clear that the brand doesn't have a strong element to it. Either Colour, Brandmark or Wordmark. 


As you can see from the current branding of the protest placards, it doesn't quite match the rest of the brand. They tend to use yellow which clashes with the green of the logo. 

Shock Tactics

Greenpeace tend to use shock tactics throughout their adverts which are good for instant visual impact, but it does not really use any kind of subliminal targeting which therefore doesn't stay in peoples minds for very long. 

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