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COP3 - Practical - Vehicles, Hand Signals, Guerilla Advertising



The brand can be applied to vehicles to help promote the message while on the move. The Primary Logo and the simple to the point quote, in the corperate typeface means that the brand is solid. The wording is confident and dominant, which is the ethos of the brand. This means that it appeals to a potentially malleable demographic.

Guerilla Advertising 

Guerilla Advertising might be a new way of connecting with the chosen audience. By integrating the brand into everyday society, this may be a way of connecting instantly with a new demographic. 

Hand Signals

Hand Symbols are important to the Greenpeace brand. It’s a way that the leader can connect with the masses. The ‘Gardhaba’ is a religious translation to ‘Our Leader’ and this is used as a mutual gesture to help build confidence, courage and openess within the group. Traditionally the symbol means to overcome obsticles.

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