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COP3 - Practical - Brand Guidelines Final

Brand Guidelines 

I've been working on gathering all the branding material to date that I've been working on and trying to collate it into a systematic brand guideline booklet. This is not only for one of the final products, but also to help me gain an idea of where I'm at with progressing the brand. This is the booklet as it stands.


This is the basic grid layout that the book will sit in. Each DPS will be consistent throughout the book as it is brand guidelines, it needs to be regimental. As you can see over on the left is where the body copy will do along with the sub title. Across the top will be titles and categories and pages numbers. The remaining space on the page will hold the relevant design or image where appropriate.

Logo / Colour Scheme

The Logo and Colour scheme is displayed over a variety of different DPS's. The logo is included with usages and mi-uses to make sure that the brand is always used in the correct way. In the top image, you can see how the logo has also been displayed in it's universal variations, with various different languages. 

For the colour scheme, this is displayed using the exact colour codes which makes sure that the green is always consistent, along with tints and variants of black, white and grey. 

Copy / Leader

There are selected spreads which emphasise the use of the logo within the copy (as shown in the 'We're taking over' slogan) as well as ways in which the leader is always shown in a positive and dominant light.This is shown through examples of copy and image. 


Examples of Propaganda are explained along with a rationale. The imagery must be stroking and the photography must be black and white, on top of the white and green solid colour scheme. This will help keep the imagery within the Propaganda striking but also always consistent. 

Web  / App

The Web and Social Media application elements are displayed throughout the double side pages. I displayed them in a way which was interesting enough to look at whilst also explaining the layout and process behind the app and website. As you can see on the application page, The large scale Iphone Diagrams help get an idea of how the app functions, whereas the scrolling website is displayed with the individual screens in a vertical format through the MacBook Mock-up. 

Placards / DIY Box

Again, I used these Diagrams of the DIY Propaganda box as well as the Protest Placards to help give a clearer idea of how they will function is reality. The branding system has been applied to the protest placards and this is shown in context on the opposite page. For the DIY box, the diagrams help show what the box will look like and how it will house the materials inside. On the reverse page of this will be a diagram which shows and explains all the different products that will be included inside the box. 


The mocked-up stationary helps show how the core of the brand can be used for professional purposes. 


The uniforms are integral to the brand, both the official and the publics uniforms are shown and explained in context. This will help the brand maintain it's forceful image through the 'sea of green' that is created by the uniforms. 

Various other Applications

Throughout the 50-page document, there are carious other brand applications that are shown and explained. Here shows the transport vehicle brand application as well as the group hand-signals. The book is ready now to get sent off the print and production.

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