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COP 3 - Practical - Photoshoot


I booked out the studio to take some shots of some of the final pieces. I wasn't 100 precent happy with the crating of final pieces themselves and I wasn't 100 percent happy with the studio lighting. I played around for ages trying to  get these to look right and I managed to get a few good images in the end to show the product in context but I could probably do with shooting these again.

Green Stock 

All in all, these images are okay after editing, but I would preferably like to take more. I was playing around with background colours but decided that to give the overally look of the brand off it was probably the most effective to use the bright green stock to photograph the work on top of.

Members Magazine

The Members Magazine is something that is included in the DIY propaganda pack. It's a 20 page small (A5) booklet which encourages members of the mass public to divulge in activist activity and support the cause. Targeting the subconscious using specific techniques, the wording and imagery within the magazine will hopefully be successful is causing these actions. The type is quite powerful and forceful, but also empowering to the individual.

Brand Guidelines

The Brand Guidelines book is hardback and around A5 in size. It is around 50 pages and is the essential guide to the process and development of the brand and how it should be applied. This is there as a reference in the future if  the brand was to be developed or if things were created within the brand, such as propaganda. It is a set of strict guidelines which includes. here are some examples of spreads within the book, showing brand application. 

DIY Pack

The DIY Pack is housed inside a card box which is roughly (a5) in size. The box is durable enough to hold the contents, but cheap enough to be able to produce on mass scale. the idea is that the box should be able to be posted out and posted through members letterbox's once they have purchased. This suggests why the box is shapes in this way and also the material it is made from. 

Stencils & Stickers

As well as propaganda posters inside the box there are a variety of other little bits of products which help hit on 'selling creative outlets' to the masses. Through the physical aspect of creating stencils and applying stickers is hopefully where the sense of worth within the members might be solidified as well.

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