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OUGD505 - What Is Good - Website Research

I looked into various websites which I felt could influence the direction I take mine in. Some are existing festivals or film related websites, others I felt were relevant because of colour...

Pink/Black in Web Design 

Snog is a frozen yoghurt company. They use these blocks of pink to highlight areas of text throughout their website. This instantly stands out and is also carried on throughout their entire branding. 

This is an app that I come across. The simplicity of using the three colour palette of pink, white and black really does it favours. 

Similarly this website is in the style of coding, quite cryptic but the colour scheme along with the chosen type really works well and keeps the viewers intrigued. 

This is a simple but effective use of the pink, black and white colour scheme. The separate boxes are easy to navigate for different features. 

Film Festival Websites 

Leeds International Film Festival has a clean design aesthetic to it and quite a plain colour scheme of black on white. I do like it however, It's easy to navigate and I love the logo. I also like the moving slideshow of films and the festival calendar aesthetic. 

The corner-house changes the background and logo colour for each section which is quite a neat little idea. The branding itself again it clean and works over a lot of different things which is good because it can be applied to art, film and music. 

AND Film Festival is another local film festical. I'm not keen on their website. Its quite hard to navigate even though the branding is good for films. 

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