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OUGD505 - What Is Good - Perforated Pull Tab & Folding Research

perforated pull tabs

I did some basic research into perforated pull tabs because I knew this was something I really wanted to use for my invitations for the festival award ceremony. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any decent tutorials on how I could go about making it. But I figured it would be easy enough. A Case of just laser cutting the paper stock down the middle, or even cutting it by hand if possible.

I looked at some of the pattern designs used on perforated pull tabs to use as influence when testing to create my own....

The Pull Tabs often have jagged edges in order to keep the cut through the paper, whilst also creating edges for it to sit on. 

This is a more pristine pattern for a pull tab which could be achieved by creating a design before laser cutting into part of the invitation. 

This other example on food packaging shows how the edges work when pulled.

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