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Design Practice 2 - What Is Good - British Film Research

I decided to look further into British Film as a whole to gain some better knowledge.

UK Film Industry - Vital Facts & Stats

- The core UK film industry now contributes approximately £4.3 billion per year to the UK economy – up by 50% since 2000, when the UK Film Council was created;

- In 2009 UK films took 7% of the global box office and 17% of the UK box office; Independent UK films took an 8.2% share of the UK box office, the highest figure of the last decade;

- UK film grossed $2 billion at the worldwide box office last year;

- UK box-office takings are at record-breaking levels, worth £944 million in the UK in 2009, up 62% from 2000;

- The overall territory box office gross for the UK and the Republic of Ireland exceeded £1 billion for the first time in 2009;

- UK Film Council investments in British films have been hugely successful – for every £1 we have invested, £5 has been generated at the box office;

- Over 173.5 million people went to the cinema in the UK in 2009 – up 31 million from 2000, the highest since 2002 and the second highest since 1971;

- The UK has more digital cinemas than any other European country – 365 and counting;

- Overall UK audiences had a far greater choice of films in 2009 – 503 films were released, 31% more than a decade ago;

- The UK film industry directly provides jobs for almost 44,000 people, with extended employment impact of 95,000 jobs;

- The film industry earns over £1.3 billion in export income from film rights and film production services;
In 2009 alone, British films and talent scooped 36 awards.

This PDF shows some more Facts & Figures about the British Film Industry;-

Advantages of Filming In The UK

- A generous tax credit
- Highly competitive costs
- World-class acting talent
- An extensive crew base of experienced and professional technicians
- A diverse range of unique locations
- 1st class studios, post production, VFX and music facilities
- Substantial infrastructure and expert support companies
- Production funds available from the BFI, Creative England and some UK Screen Agencies
- The services and support of UK organisations:
- British Film Commission
- BFI Certification Unit
- Creative England
- Regional UK Screen Agencies

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