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Design Practice 2 - What Is Good - British Film Research

I decided to look into my initial concepts to gather some more source information. Statistics, Facts etc to help push my concept along...

The BFI ( British Film Institute)

The BFI was founded in 1933. We are a charity governed by a Royal Charter. We combine cultural, creative and industrial roles, bringing together the BFI National Archive and BFI Reuben Library, film distribution, exhibition at BFI Southbank and BFI IMAX, publishing and festivals. We award Lottery funding to film production, distribution, education, audience development and market intelligence and research.

We use Lottery funds to nurture and invest in a diverse mix of first-class filmmakers UK-wide; to discover and develop new talent; and to support the production of a wide range of films that will enrich British film culture and define Britain and its storytellers in the 21st century, for the benefit of audiences at home and abroad.

We support UK distributors to help ensure that the best British and specialised films connect with a wide range of audiences across a range of platforms throughout the UK.

We support sales companies who are premiering new UK films at key international film festivals and markets.

We invest in skills across the film sector and support inward investment and film exports, helping the industry to remain competitive, especially on the global stage.

UK Film Council 

Nurturing film talent, assisting our industry and celebrating film culture.

Film production and development

Our Film Fund is a new unified production and development fund dedicated to British filmmaking.

We will support filmmakers in the UK who are emerging or world-class and are capable of creating distinctive and entertaining work. We have £15 million a year to invest across the development, production and completion of feature films. Being supported by the BFI means more than just being given funding. It means that your project can be assisted at every step of the journey by our team, who can offer advice and practical help with many aspects of developing and producing your film.

We welcome applications for all kinds of film - from commercial mainstream to experimental, from genre movies to personal stories, from documentaries to animation to live-action fiction.


To help make going to the pictures an even better experience the UK Film Council invested in 240digital cinema screens across the UK. We have also provided improvement grants to independent cinemas and funded the Independent Cinema Office and the British Federation of Film Societies.
Film education, culture and archives

The UK Film Council promoted knowledge about film through a range of funding schemes, including the Archive Fund, First Light and FILMCLUB.
Festivals and audience support schemes

Stimulating greater audience choice was one of the four key aims of the UK Film Council and supporting film festivals is a great way to do this. They funded the BFI London Film Festival and the Edinburgh International Film Festival as well as regional festivals across the - launched by the UK Film Council and now funded by the BFI - is one of the UK’s leading services connecting audiences to film experiences.

British Independent Film Awards

The Mo√ęt British Independent Film Awards is an annual award ceremony celebrating achievement in independently funded British film and cinema. Nominations and jury are announced at the beginning of November with the award ceremony taking place in late November or early December.

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