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Responsive - Bacardi - Survey

I decided to put together a survey that would be sent out around my peers and university to directly hit my target audience and gain feedback that would be vital to judge the success of my ideas. I didn't want to over-face the target audience with too much information so carefully constructing questions that would help me out a lot with the direction of my project.


I wanted to see what was successful about other brands of rum such as Captain Morgan's and Sailor Jerry's which appealed more to the target age range. 

Therefore, I structured my questions to try and unpick what is successful and not as successful about certain brands and why Bacardi isn't quite hitting the bar. 

I figured from intial findings that Sailor Jerry and Captain Morgans were the most popular among students and this wasn't because of the price but mainly the look of the brand...

They focus heavily on Pirates and Sailors and traditional aspects within the brand where as Bacardi looks traditional but in a much more old-fashioned and less obvious way. 

I needed to link Bacardi up with historical events or facts about the business but also needed to keep a 'cool' vibe to it which is much adorned by the target audience and successful brands. 

In a sense, I needed to nick some of the ideologies and promotion conventions that are used in Sailor Jerry and Captain Morgan's brands but also steer far enough away from the whole 'Pirates & Sailors' theme, enough to give Bacardi its true, real identity. 

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