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Responsive - Bacardi Brief - Primary Research

I thought it was important to sample a few existing rums and to also dissect what is successful and not as successful about them aesthetically (not taste). As a rum fan, I already had some sailor jerry left for a rainy day, which is my favourite spiced rum. I like everything about it from it's taste down to it's whole identity.

I didn't nesacerily want to steal the whole 'sailor' theme from this rum because it's not really what Bacardi is about. However, I wanted to take the element of 'LADS' enjoying rum together historically into the present day to help promote to my target audience.

____Sailor Jerry 

 I really like the focus on tattooing for the Sailor Jerry Brand. It gives the rum a much more stand out identity and this is what I think Bacardi is missing. I need to create something that males of my age today can associate themselves with, within the brand. I feel that by creating a much more 'hisotrically' looking selection of products for Bacardi, This will overall tap into my chosen market. 

Successful elements of the Sailor Jerry Bottle Packaging are ; 

- Stock of Labels are authentic.
- Tattoo Traditional Illustrations.
- Print on the inside of the label. 
- Corked Top. 

____Mount Gay Rum 

Mount Gay is a cheaper branded rum and to a certain extent you can see this through the packaging. I do however, think some elements are really succesful. I like the way that barbados come through clearly in the brand with the outline of the country and taglines. I also like how the glass has been moulded to create the logo that is also running through in the lid of the bottle. I think this adds a touch of quality to the product. I'm not really enjoying the foiled gold on the bottle packaging though. I feel this is less successful. 

- Link to Barbados Identity
- Embossed Glass
- Detail logo in Glass and Lid 

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