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Mutton Quad - Existing Restaurants

I decided also to have a look at a few existing restaurants that are appealing to me personally and how they go about branding the company and creating an identity across a number of products.

____Elliot's London

Elliot's is a little bar / restaurant that I visit occasionally when I'm in London. It's located on Borough Market but is decent priced and serves up some tasty food. It's branding is simple which I think is what makes it more appealing. It sort of has an old school butcher's kind of feel which creates a really good environment to dine in. The logo is instantly recognisable and can be applied to a number of different products in a range succesfully. I also like the simpleness of the menu pinned up to the pinboard. 


Another cool restaraunt is Byron Burger. They use a mix of clean cut design and typography along with the simpleness of their business ethics to create a really relaxing and enjoyable dining experience. I particulalry like the website for Byron. The navigation bar looks kind of like a receipt and it hands down over the background which i full scale imagery. It works really well. 

____The Hawksmoor

Another nice website for ' The Hawks-moor'. The website is laid out in the style of a menu which works really well. The branding is clean and uses the two colours, gold and black on white which represents class and works.

_____Shallow Cafe 

Hand painting is another interesting concept. I really like the idea of hand-painted signs and interiors and how they add to the whole dining experience. A sign like this can make the place feel more welcoming and homely. 


Very simple branding for this small cafe, Dimitri. White on Black which isn't the boldest chouce but really works for the purpose. I like how this transfers across all elements, into the window signage and paintwork. 

____GRK Fresh Greek

GRK use print methods onto different stock, such as the tracing paper stock that is used to be wrapped around the pitta bread. This is a good idea and could easily be done digitally or using another method such as screen print to achieve the desired effect. 

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