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GF Smith Stock Swatches

The GFSmith packs of swatches that we looked at were really useful to see the stock possibilities that could be used. I photographed some of my favourite stocks that I found in there as well as some strange ones and noted down the names and weight. 

Twist Gold 120

Peregrina Classics - Ocean Blue - 336gsm

Marlmarque - Marble White - 200gsm

Marlmarque - Agean Blue - 90gsm

Colourlux - Imperial Blue Gloss - 306gsm

Twist Yellow 290

Tapestry Translucent Broderie - 180gsm

Gmund Bier Lager - 170gsm

Gmund Alezan - Crocodile Cult - 300gsm

Generation Press - Generation X

Different Stocks

Coated Paper

Paper with a clay or other coating applied to one or both sides is coated paper. The coating can be dull, gloss, matte, or other finishes. Coated paper generally produces sharper, brighter images and has better reflectivity than uncoated paper.Coated paper typically is smoother and has better ink holdout — is less absorbent — than uncoated paper making it more suitable for certain types of overprint finishing techniques such as flood or spot coating with varnish or other finish coatings. The coating may be applied while the paper is still going through the papermaking machine or it may be applied afterwards. Clay, latex, and other substances are mixed to create the coating. Photo papers for inkjet printing typically have UV coatings

Uncoated Paper

Not all paper is coated. Uncoated paper is typically used for letterheads, copy paper, or printing paper. Most types of uncoated paper are surface sized to improve their strength. Such paper is used in stationary and lower quality leaflets and brochures.


This is paper made on closely woven wire roller or mould and having a faint mesh pattern. Wove is popular sheet for stationary and book publishing. Wove is a premium 


Laid paper is premium quality paper with a textured pattern of parallel lines, similar to hand made pape. Commonly used for business stationary.


An economic, uncoated wove paper, often used for copying or laser printers. A higher wuality bond stock can be used for letter heads. 


UAL - Hello - Coated Gloss

Mexico - Mad Props Flyer - Uncoated 

Handmade Pulp Paper 

Wove Paper - Book Publishing

Bond - often used for copying or laser printers

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