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Contemporary Newspapers

he 99% Conference is a yearly gathering of the most productive creative professionals today. This magazine features interviews and tips from top creative minds...

Every year, we curate the best interviews, articles, and tips from our research at Behance's 99% think tank to make a beautifully design newsprint magazine - which gets distributed at our annual 99% Conference.
This year's selection includes interviews with Persepolis artist and filmmaker Marjane Satrapi and Facebook designer Ben Barry, as well as tips on building a better biomaking big (bold) decisions, and getting into the creative flow.

Not the most relevant newspaper style to what i want to achieve but interesting none the less. I really love the use of experimental type mixed with type and grid here and also the red and black work well together. 

This next newspaper is a portfolio for a young graphic designer Matthew Crowe. Really nice idea...

Again, really nice use of type in this one.

Contemporary and Traditional styles clash...

This isn't really a newspaper but again a really beautiful put together collection of publications...

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