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Bauen & Wohnen

Bauen+Wohnen / Building+Home / Construction+Habitation was a Swiss architectural magazine that existed from. Richard Paul Lohse was responsible for the design from 1947 – 1956, and in 1952 he designed a special version for the German market that featured his trademark overlay style.
A recurring theme that I’m beginning to notice with classic Swiss Style design is the use of color to identify each magazine issue. Helmut Schmid also did it with his redesign of Die Neue Gesellschaft, and we’ve seem to have lost this simple, but beautiful approach to visual identity. You really don’t see this type of thinking with mainstream publications today. Instead, you’re bombarded with headline-cluttered covers that confuse you instead of inviting you. There are exceptions, though.
Anyway, this collection designed by Lohse is breathtaking and upon seeing these covers I’ve immediately begun the hunt to find them. Joe Kral has uploaded his collection to his Flickr Page and you can get more info on the magazine here and here.    

I really  like the design of these vintage Bauen+Wohnen architecture magazines and feel that  it is relevant and perfect for the project i'm working on. The colour scheme is great and the photographs, illustrations and type and grid layout all work perfectly together. I think my publication will be taking direct influence from these magazines. 

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