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just decided to do a general search of British Stamps just to give me an overall idea of what format and style i will be working in...

Standard queens head

Love the vintage looking ones. Also like the idea of faces side on, something i might be able to tie into this. and obviously moustaches. amazin'

Collections/Special Editions

A series of illustrated stamps, possible idea. These are from childrens literature .

British Dogs. 

Sterotypically British Things.

commonwealth birds. 

Darwin Set 

Love these Germany olympics stamp set from 1972.

London 2012 Olympic Stamps. Only really like the ping pong one and weight lifting one. i think its Michael Craig Martin. Certainly looks like his work.

Paul Smith Collection - Boss!

Love this one. I might experiment with the angle of the stamp! does it have to be square? does it have to be straight on? it could be a diamond shape like so. 

Really nice!

More Olympic ones. really like these. 

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