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OUGD401 // Publication Idea

From the workshop we did with Jo, My idea became clearer. I had already had the idea pretty much in my source material and the ideas i had written down in the workshop, i just had to draw it from them.

For my publication i have decided to focus on two topics from two different lectures and merge them together to form my own design. I was really interested in Modernism and the whole movement and also with the film lectures, especially Alfred Hitchcock. Bringing in the personal side, i wanted to experiment with modernist design and see what i could create when trying to merge this with something else. In this case Film Theory.

My idea was to create minimalist modernist film posters for Hitchcock films and Theory. And possibly create some for cult classics, as that would be something i would enjoy.

I wanted to look at symbols and trying to re-create scenes or just titles of films through symbols. Here is some inspiration i have been looking at...

I really like these two posters above. One of my ideas was to used imagery similar to this to help document the theory and turn it into poster form. 

I really like a lot of the layout styles of the modernist movement, i want to try and replicate or just be influenced by them when creating the posters. I want to portray both modernist design, my own personal style and the information on films. 

To link it more to film theory, i was thinking of making posters in the same style but including all the different techniques and film terms that Hitchcock lived by. To do this i will have to further research into Hitchcock and also re-cap myself on the Lecture. 

I have also been looking at contemporary designs for film posters, to see what has already been done. i really like these by designer Olly Moss. His style almost mimic that of Saul Bass.

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