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OUGD401 // Context & Chronologies // List of Designers // Study Task 5

Task: Create a list of 5 graphic designers that are relevant to the topic of the lectures we have had. For each designer, make a small explanation of why they are relevant and a couple of links o interesting articles about them or their artwork...



El Lissitzky 

An iconic Russian designer and typographer. An important figure in Russian Avant-Guarde. A Large input in designing Russian propaganda works for the Soviet Union. 

Herbert Bayer

Austrian American Graphic Designer widely recognised as the last living member of the Bauhaus. 

Jan Tschichold

Typographer,  Book designer and teacher. Died in 1974. He became a leading advocate of Modernist design: first with an influential 1925 magazine supplement; then a 1927 personal exhibition; then with his most noted work Die neue Typographie.

Cool Website (including collection of work) -

Phillipe Nicholas 

Contemporary graphic designer that is newer on the scene than the other designers above. Heavily influenced by bauhaus and the modernist movement. Perfect example is the 'Fold Type' shown above. Beautiful Typography piece. 

Behance Page & Biography -


Collective Design Agency. Their specific disciplines include custom type development, identity creation, art direction, image-making / illustration and design for digital across music, art, culture,  
fashion, corporate and advertising sectors. Their designs remind me of some of the shapes and styles used in modernist design.

Collection Of Work (Website) -

Behance Page / Biography  -



David Carson

American Typographer best known for his experimental Typography and 'breaking the rules' as well as his innovative magazine design. 

Stefan Sagmeister 

Experimental New York based graphic design and typographer. Famous for designing album covers for Lou Reed, The Rolling Stones and Aerosmith and received many prestigious awards such as a grammy in 2005. He does not stick to conventions and using all sorts of materials to create his artworks. Many people view him as 'high culture' art but he comes from a design background. 

April Greiman 

pioneering woman who helped introduce the computer vernacular to design through experimental mergers of type and image.

Wolfgang Weingart

Experimental Swiss Typographer who was given the name 'The Father' of New Wave and Swiss punk typography. 

Archive -

Weingart, Wolfgang. Weingart: My Way to Typography. Baden: Lars Müller Publishers, 2000 

Chad Kouri 

Contemporary Collage artist. Really like his work, he juxtaposes images with textures and vibrant colours to create these wonderful pieces of art that explore different backgrounds and fall in the post-modernism experimentations. 

Website (work) -


Graffiti & Street Art

Shepard Fairey

Probably most famous for the Barack Obama election designs and his mega Propaganda worldwide company 'OBEY'. Contemporary propaganda often looking at political and religious topics. 

OBEY Website -


Famous English graffiti artist . known for illegal graffiti, his hidden identity and innovative stencil work which often plays on commericialness, corporate business and politics. 

Website Work (Archive) -


Invader (born 1969) is a French urban artist who pastes up characters from and inspired by the Space Invaders game, made up of small coloured square mosaic tiles that form a space invader character murel. He does this in cities across the world, then documents this as an "Invasion", with books and maps of where to find each invader.

Website - Work Archive -

Interview Youtube VIdeo -

Keith Haring 

Was an artist and social activist that responded to the New York City street culture in the 1980's. He achieved his first public attention with chalk drawings in the subway and these were recognised as peices of 'pop art'. His 'Radiant Baby' pictured above, became his iconic symbol. 

Official Website -

Jenny Holzer

American conceptual artist , lives in New York, who often uses light projections to 'graffiti' often large public areas in order to create her huge installations. She originally aspired to be an abstract painter but moved into this field when she was introduced to new possibilities through university. 


Film Theory

Saul Bass

He was a Graphic Designer and filmmaker from New York. Most well known for his film posters. He worked with and for greats such as Hitchcock, Kubrick and Scorsese. He has a very unique style of design which really worked in the film industry at the time. His work also is timeless and a big inspiration to me personally. 

Hexagonall/ Veni

Hexagonall and Veni is a Spanish Design studio that works in illustration, motion and video, hevailly involved in film. Here i have looked at their  contemporary film minimalistic film posters that are heavily influenced by the 60's/70's style. 

Website - 

Archive & Blog -

About - 

Olly Moss

A similar idea of the 'miimalistic' film posters. He's not directly connected to the film theory lectures but is a big influence for me personally and also seems to be influenced by the 'saul bass', 60's and 70's era of design. He adds his own illustrative style to classic movies. Some of his work (like the stuff above) is very much  directly influenced by Saul Bass. 

Website (About) -

Bill Gold

American graphic designer that had a really lengthy carrer that lasted 70 years starting in the 1940's. He is most famous for his movie poster designs. 

La Boca Design Studio

Black Swan for 20th Century Fox

Battleship Potemkin for BFI

The Orphanage Promo

Contemporary Design Studio from London formed in 2002.  La Boca is an independent design team who work in art & design for the film, music and fashion industries. Their work ranges from limited edition vinyl record sleeves to full scale media campaigns. They have done work for massive film companies, Warp. Warner Bros. 20th Century Fox and more.


High Vs Low Culture

Stefan Sagmeister 

Sagmeister is well renowned for his installation and 'high culture' pieces even though he's a graphic designer. I like the way he experiments in that field but he isn't talking out of his arse like a lot of high culture these days. He's true to his word and there is logical meaning behind his work. 

"You can have an art experience in front of a Rembrandt… or in front of a piece of graphic design."
Work (Archive) -
Sagmeister is famous for his manifesto's and talks too, Heres an article - 

Andy Warhol 

Warhol is infamous on the commercial art scene. His work has always been created by recycling art and creating art that is easy to re-produce and sell and he is well associated with low culture art. In a way, he makes fun out of and criticises high culture by showing how easy it is to make art and make money. 

"An artist is somebody who produces things that people don't need to have."

"Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes."

Damien Hirst

Design Based Work 


Many people liken and compare Hirst to Warhol. Again, as is Warhol, he is associated with low culture just in the fact that a lot of his work is graphic design based. Most of his famous pieces however, involve sculpture and installation work such as the infamous dead animals in formaldehyde. His work is very high culture, exhibited around the world and sold to and collected by the richest of rich. Hirst is the richest living artist to date putting him at the top of the high culture table, but still contains some good graphic design elements to his work.

"I always feel like the art's there and I just see it, so it's not really a lot of work."

"I always ignore money."

Website (Work Archive) -

Wiki Bio -




Banksy is another artist who is somewhere in between high and low culture. I personally respect him as a street artist. He is innovative and brings in political, religious and social issues with his work which is why he got so much attention all over the world. Many people take the view that he has now sold out to high culture, creating installations, exhibiting work in exhibitions and selling work for millions. I don't take this view personally, I still believe he is doing what he started out to do and my opinion is that people take this view on him through jealously more than anything else. He's interesting and controversial and a lot of his vectored and stencil work is very illustration/design based.

“A lot of mothers will do anything for their children, except let them be themselves.” 

Website (Work Archive) -

Wiki Bio -

More Work/Article -


History Of Type

Max Miedinger

Miedinger was a swiss typeface designer from Zurich. Was most famous for Helvetica which he created in 1957.  H was trained originally as a typesetter in Zurich but went on to be a sales representative for the  Haas’sche Schriftgießerei in Münchenstein

Website (Work Archive) -


Monospace 821

John Baskerville

An English businessman, in areas including japanning and papier-mâché, but he is best remembered as a printer and typographer. Baskerville was responsible for significant innovations in printing, paper and ink production.

He developed a technique which produced a smoother whiter paper which showcased his strong black type. Baskerville also pioneered a completely new style of typography adding wide margins and leading between each line.

Si Scott

Illustrative Contemporary Typographer who originally worked with traditional typesetting but his doodles were paid the most attention to by other people. His 'doodles' in swirl like letterforms got noticed and he now creates type work like this for advertisement campaigns for companies such as NOKIA, ORANGE and NIKE. 

Website (Collection of Work) -

Neville Brody

" English graphic and type designer with a devoted following for his anti-traditional views. "

Brody is as English experimental designer and typographer. He works with type and layout is most of his work and a lot of his work is seen as post-modernist.  I have known of his work for years and like both his design and type work. He has created innovative typefaces that have become instant favourites such as theFF Blur type which has a much more post-modernist feel to it like much of his work. 

FF Blur

New Deal

Reactor FB Derelict


Fidor Sumkin 

Contemporary Typographer famous for hand drawn typography. A style that is obviously traditional and relates back to hand-drawn shop signage, but has been getting a lot more attention in recent years. 

"Personally, I am not against digital methods, but I simply don’t use them, just as I don’t use vector graphics. It’s all very personal. Everyone chooses their own way in this. In my case, I always preferred the hand-made method."

Behance (Collection of Work) -

Opera78 is my design project, established in Paris in 2005.

I'm an Illustrator since 1994 with strong background in Typography and Graphic Design.

I specialize in traditional art, with just my ink gel pens in hand – it's what I truly love. I've been drawing all my life so that really helped me to form the style of art I have right now.



NB Studio

Collective of designers and photographers who do very commercial advertising. Clients include Channel 4, Tate, Sainsburys...

Website - Work Archive -

Alex Varanese 

Interesting project by him pictured above focussing on creating vintage aesthetics to advertise modern day technology. Great idea and a good contemporary take on the vintage design. His advertisements are much less commercial. 

Behance (Work Archive) -

Article -

Allan Peters

One of my favourite designers of late. He does lots of illustration work but also does a lot of advertisting work too, working for massive corporate business' such as the Target superstore brand in America. I like his use of simple shapes and colour to make great advertisements that stand out from afar. He has also incorporated logo design into this particular project, using the shapes and edges of the circle in with the new advertisements. Quote minimalist design like this works really well for large scale advertising.

website (work archive) -

blog -

Behance -

Supparat Thepparat

Bissel : Inside Out

JOBY Gorillapod - Wrappable. 

Supparat Thepparat is designer stroke art director who works on large scale commercial advertosments. Lots of his work is mainly photography based and most include image manipulation to crete quite shocking and unrealistic scenario adverts. He has won various accolades for his advertisements all over the world. 

Behance (work archive) -

We love ad - shows us what brands and industries he's worked for and teammates -

Watson Design Group 

"Watson Design Group is an independent, digital creative boutique founded in 2005. We specialize in innovative creative and online development, driven by serious passion for what we do. Projects range from all-encompassing web campaigns to smaller, integrated viral elements and digital marketing initiatives. We are not afraid to challenge ourselves creatively and push the envelope of what's possible, always setting our goals high and reaching beyond the ordinary."

They work mainly in digital advertising which is the reason i have focussed on them. I particularly liked the work they did for the interactive 'Cabin In The Woods Website' pictured above. 




Holmes-wwod specialise mainly in  signs and wayfinding. Their design is often minimalistic and sleek. It is essential the pictograms and type to be clear and legible 

Homes First apply the art of discovering how people move around a place, and then respond with the creation of a wayfinding scheme that properly effects the use of the place with simplicity and aesthetic appeal.

Nick Desteafano 

Works with more innovative way-finding such as signs on the floor and way finding for apps and digital technology. 

I have a background in fine arts and art history and I bring that into my design, whether it's web, print, or environmental design. 

Stephanie Gorman 

Creates signage and more concept art for buildings, signage and communication graphics. 
Nice simple pictograms and colour coded sections. 


Fabrica is not a school, advertising agency or university. It is an applied creativity laboratory, a talent incubator, a studio of sorts in which young, modern artists come from all over the world to develop innovative projects and explore new directions in myriad avenues of communication, from design, music and film to photography, publishing and the Internet. These artist-experimenters are accompanied along their research path by leading figures in art and communication, blurring the boundaries of culture and language and transgressing the traditional borders between a diverse range of communication mediums.

Located in Venice Italy. 

I have focuseed on them particularly because they deal in a whole array o f communication such as advertising, music videos and publications. Pictured is the music video for RAE SPOON and also advertisments for the 'YOURS ROAD SAFTEY' series of road safety posters..

Their Website (massive work archive) -

Best Ads by Fabrica  -


"Ideas exchanged generate constant inspiration. Different points of view, opposite focus conciliation and comprehension of our own views, complement our success. That is why we open our doors with the best attitude to continuously collaborate with the press and education."

Design team that heavilly focus on the communication between clients and idea generation. This is why i have chosen to look at them. They work with lots of branding and identity. 

Website (archive) -


Media Specificity

Xavier Barrade

These 3D Horse Posters created for band Dry The River by agency FOAM and artist Xavier Barrade.
Xavier Barrade works with a lot of paper craft and thats what is most known for, picking up a reputation from his unique and fascinating pieces of work. His media is specific to him and is what makes him stand out amongst other artists that are very similar.

Artist Website -

Creative Review Article -

Keith Haring

Graffiti Artist and social activist that responded to the New York City street culture in the 1980's. He achieved his first public attention with chalk drawings in the subway and these were recognised as peices of 'pop art'. He also used marker pens and sometimes spray paint. Most of his work was seen to be very different than graffiti at that time. 

Official Website -

Lumiere Studios

Solely work in Motion Graphics and Animation. Worked for brands such as Max Factor and Listerine. They use innovative and modern motion graphic techniques to create some really visually powerful advertisements. 

Elmwood Studio

A selection of brands they have worked for. 

A couple of guys from the Leeds Elmwood Studio came into the college for a talk last week which was really useful to see how they worked and to pick up any advice that they had to offer us young professionals. Elmwood usually specialise in Brand and Identify and have created some of the most successful global advertisement campaigns of recent years. 

wesbite (info and work archive) -

Big Active

Art Direction and design that mainly specialise to CD and LP design for music artists. 

Big Active is a D&AD award winning creative consultancy specializing in art direction, graphic design and the representation of leading image-makers. Big Active believes in creative networks - its aim is to produce creative design and commercial art based upon ideas with an accessible common touch.

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