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100 Things // Info-Graphic Research

just some info-graphics i have been looking at to help me get some ideas of how to possibly layout my information into easy and interesting things to look at at and take in...

Info graphic for Turks&Caicos. I think this relates to what i want to do more as instead of statistics an graphs i'l be focusing more on information with consistent icons and imagery fitting with it to help it all flow together. Much like the ones here...

I like how this design below has the image at the top of the wires connecting to each section further down the piece. It's a nice touch!

I don't particularly like this design but it is a good idea using something to connect each section together to create a sort of timeline...

Nice simple consistent pictograms used again here to get the information across. Really like this idea...

This seems to have some relation to what i'm doing. 

Love the General style of this!

Also really like the simple style and colour scheme of these!

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