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How to // Engagement Ring Research

I just found some interesting statistics on engagements and rings...

Want to know what is socially acceptable for the engagement process?  Here is a list of some things to keep in mind before you go popping that question. 
  • 25% of women view the proposal as more important than the actual wedding ceremony. Guys, take notes, the proposal is your time to shine since you typically have little or nothing to say about the wedding (except the I do). This means 75% of the women have beenplanning the wedding of their dreams to be one of the biggest moments in their life.

  • 99.4% of men and women view digital proposals as impersonal and unimaginative & would say “No” even if it was followed by an in-person gesture. With so many people now meeting their spouse on popular social sites like MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, & text messaging one could incorrectly assume this was OK, IT”S NOT! 

  • 37% of women are OK with popping the question to the guy. Long gone are the days of women waiting for men to propose marriage as many are taking on the responsibility themselves. And interestingly enough, more men than women are accepting of this shift in responsibility.

  • 60% of men who responded would still ask their future father-in-law permission for his daughter’s hand in marriage before popping the big question. This does help future relations with the in laws.  It’s important at first to act like you care what they think.

  • 33% of dating couples said they thought it would be OK to have their proposal broadcast to the world…… as long as it was recorded for it’s awesomeness, not like “the lamest proposal ever..” and the TV show added funds to help beef up the proposal

  • 50% of women would rather a man splurge on the diamonds rather than the proposal as most would be satisfied with a simple, inexpensive, romantic proposal at a park. Understand that women will embellish the story to their friends about HOW you proposed BUT the diamond on her hand is seen by the world.

  • 49% of men prefer to plan and execute the proposals themselves.

  • 38% of men would consult their friends and family for advice on the perfect proposal.

  • 83% of men & women agree that dropping to one knee is the best approach when popping the actual question. You can’t go wrong with the classics!

  • *The engagement research was conducted by an independent national research firm and responses were solicited from individuals who have recently entertained the idea of becoming engaged, have recently become engaged or who have recently been married.  On an annual basis, 1 to 2 percent of the population in the United States becomes engaged.  The responses in this survey make up a sample that is statistically accurate +/-6% at 95% confidence.

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