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Lecture Three - Street Art - Notes


On of my favourite films/mocumentry is Banksy's Exit Through the Gift Shop which i have on DVD. Raises some great questions about street art and the commercial side. Here is the trailer. It is definitely worth a watch in my opinion...

Really interesting video on Keith Haring and Graffiti...

I have started watching the universe of Keith Haring documentary online via youtube. So far, it is really interesting and i am learning more about the artist as well as street art in general. Here is part 1, again, like Exit through the Giftshop i would say this one is worth a watch!

This blog post is really interesting about NYC Subway Graffiti crews of 1970's...

Graffiti was one of those crimes that added to the sense of disorder and anarchy that both encouraged other crimes and made New York kind of a scary place to be. Crime in general was rising in the 1970's, and it was exploding in the subway. By the end of the decade, the number of felonies recorded each day in the New York City subway - including rapes and murders - made it the most dangerous mass transit system in the country.

More videos of 1970's graffiti crews...

A Film by Steve Siegel.

This is an excerpt from a film made in the 1980's. The film looks at 1980's New York City from a kid's point of view. This particular excerpt focuses on subway graffiti.

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