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Group Crit Feedback

After presenting our proposal for 'How To Flag A Taxi As A Student' to  group 2 of our class, we received some good feedback;

We was going to present our finished piece on our blogs to start with. However, group 2 suggested that we should print them off in our chosen formats. We have no decided to put that plan into action and print of a car that folds the design out and a separate poster. 

We also had to think about how our text was worded in the piece. A lot of our research stemmed from Vice's humorous ways of talking and relating to a student audience, therefore we decided it would be best to come up with a comical paragraph under each topic in out piece. 

It was valuable to receive feedback from our peers and fellow designers to get a more broader view of how our work would be received. 

As a group, we came up with some questions to ask our peers to get more vital feedback;

Q. Do you think our project will be useful in a real life situation?
A. Yes.

Q. Where do you think is a suitable place for freshers to pick it up is?
A. Freshers Fairs, Clubs/Pubs, As a welcome pack in Halls, Promo Material such as Vice and Don't Panic

Q. If you made instructions for freshers what format would you put it in?
A. Posters as it is something they can stick on the wall, rather than a flyer that they would throw away.

Q. Do you think the imagery and style is attractive for freshers?
A. Yes, its very contemporary with the vintage/80's theme. quite comical and not too serious for students.

Q. Do you think our outlet serves its purpose?
A. Yes, it's funny and memorable.

We then decided to come up with some action plan pointers from this;

  1. Print the poster / flyer cards
  2. Change the text used to a more comical, student friendly text. 
  3. Create a presentation about our project. 
  4. Create, Finalise and finish our final piece/s
  5. Apply the feedback received. 

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