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COP3 - Primary Research - Survey (Online Version)

I'm not a huge fan of the online surveys because when I have done them in the past they tend to get a much more concentrated demographic and a lot fewer answers than if you give them out in person. People online are a lot more likely to click off something as soon as there bored or maybe click through things without giving it their proper attention.

 I do however feel  that the answers are generally quite truthful online, if collected correctly, as people are hidden behind a screen. Nobody will ever know it's them. This is a big advantage in using this method as well as it being cost free and having the potential (even if it doesn't) to reach a bigger demographic.

Fast Food Survey 

I created an online version of the paper based survey through a website called 'Survey Monkey', which allows you to log in create the questions and send a link out to various people who then fill it out and your results are automatically generated with percentages and such which is a great addition.

This is an idea of what the survey looks like. You can take a closer look by following the link. And you can even fill it out if you want to. That would be great. 


As this has only been live for the last hour or so, responses are limited at the moment. I hope to get a lot more responses which i can go through and analyse at a later date, but i thought it would be interesting to take a quick look to see how its shaping up...

At the moment, with only 5 responses, the most popular age demographics are 19-24 and 45-54. I suspect this will all change is good time though.

Once a fortnight is the most common amount of times to eat at a Fast Food Restaraunt so far, with Once a week also being very popular. 

Mcdonalds holds a massive 75% of the preferred Fast Food Restaraunt early on. We'll see if this changes, but I somehow suspect that it wont. 

On to some comment questions now and this one is asking why their choice is their chosen one. Interesting that somebody has picked McDonalds as their favourite and stated that it 'seems like the most healthiest option. The portions are smaller and their is much more variety'. 

Familiarity and Convenience is also very common in  these early comments. People seem to be saying that it's near to their work or home and that they know the menu so they know what they want before they drive through. It's Quick, Easy and Tastes Good! Why Not?

A staggering 100% of these people don't know the nutritional values of Mcdonalds. 

60% of people seem to know where to find them. Lets see what they say...

Their Website id one answer, but this is a guess. Somebody days there are menu boards around that might have them and another says on the packaging. Not bad I suppose. 

This ones a bit of a shocker. 40% of people say there is a Mcdonalds within a mile of their house. another 40% said theres one within 2 miles and then the last 20% have said under 3 miles. 

100% of people think they could easily draw the Mcdonalds logo. Interesting. 

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