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COP - Info-graphic Research

Some Info graphic Inspiration moving forward looking at what styles would suit my subject of social media and its effects and also the running style that will fit my publication....

I really like these simple infographics. It makes everything easy to understand and theres not too much information fighting for your attention. I think the simpler the better, when coming to neatly laid out important facts and information. 

 Again, these graphs are consistent ways of showing the nessacery information that brings it to life much more than just body copy. The colour scheme and style keeps it working as a set whilst also making the information easy to take in. 

These simple graphs again make great use of the blank space on the page. Again makes the information easy to understand whilst being aesthetically pleasing. 

Heres some more examples of how a minimalist colour palette along with simple shapes can make up intricate, easy to understand and visually stunning infographics. This is the sort of style I will be going for, restricting myself to the three colour palette of the book i'm creating; Red, Blue and White. 


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