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OUGD501 - COP Publication - Initial Designs & Concept


My concept is to use my essay as a basis for further investigation. The essay question that I explored was; "Describe how Social Media could be seen as the ultimate panopticon of the 21st century". Using this a starting point, my research led me onto looking at the effects of Social Media on the physical and phycological health and how this has risen over the last few years, with more and more people becoming 'addicted' to the website.

Target Audience 

Originally, my target audience was going to be teenagers right up to early 20's which is the most common section of ages which us social media website such as Facebook. However, after speaking in the crit, it was suggested that If i looked at this from a different angle of the 'older' generation who have recently become addicted, it might make for a more interesting publication.

The title of the publication might be 'Are you addicted to Social Media?'. This is simple and to the point, but with a title like this, It seems that it would appeal to people who believe they might have a slight problem, and are intrigued to find out more.


As for the content inside the book, It will be split roughly into three sections. The first will be entitles "The Rise of Social Media" and this will for a background for the next two sections to build from. Using various different stocks and paper sizes and formats, there will be mainly info graphics, imagery and text which will give facts, figures, statistics and opinions as well as case studies about how Facebook has slowly taken over the world.

The second section will look into the physcology behind Facebook and this will be fairly text heavy, with illustrations and imagery to accompany this throughout. The final section will
uncover FAD, which means 'Facebook Addiction Disorder'. and this will also look at facts, figures and case studies looking at how people are addicted.


Format / Design Style

You can see a clearer idea of how the publication will look. I want it to appear like a folder that could be a case study like something you would find a detective using. This will include different stocks and sizes of paper which will be organised to create this mis-matched file of material. 

The design style will be heavily influenced by the aesthetics of Facebook in particular. This will take a red, white and blue colour scheme and a lot of elements will take the shape of interfaces, menus and iconography used throughout the social media website. 

You can see how the different stock choices and formats will work. The book will be bound with a metal clip to keep all the separate pages together. The light blue page will be printed on tissue paper. Other pages will appear to look like a printed page of the Facebook page. 

Crit Feedback 

After presenting the idea and initial designs to my fellow peers and tutor I got a few comments from either side which helped tell me I was on the right track but also gave me a few pieces of constructive criticism which will help me make further decisions.

The aesthetic style was greatly appreciated and got a lot of positive feedback which was good to hear. The format also seemed to create a lot of interest. These are things This is two aspect which i won't change too much .

The main piece of criticism was the target audience and how it might work better if it was aimed at an older generation who are fairly new to the world of face book, but are making all the same mistakes that the younger generation made originally.

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