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Design Practice 2 - What Is Good... - Top 10 Reasons why British Film is Good

British Film is Good Because...

- It creates some of the greatest Independant films in the world.
Trainspotting, This Is England, Lock Stock & Four Lions to name a few.

- The core UK film industry now contributes approximately £4.3 billion per year to the UK economy – up by 50% since 2000, when the UK Film Council was created.

- UK Film Council investments in British films have been hugely successful – for every £1 we have invested, £5 has been generated at the box office.

- The UK has more digital cinemas than any other European country – 365 and counting.

- The UK film industry directly provides jobs for almost 44,000 people, with extended employment impact of 95,000 jobs.

- It provides visual entertainment and culture to the country, made by the country.

- It provides social activities, can be a place to escape and provides people with sparks of Inspiration.

- It Sheds good light on our country and is the most widely recognised creative field to come out of the UK.

- The British Film Insitute (BFI) with support from Lottery Funds helps discover and develop new talent; and to support the production of a wide range of films that will enrich British film culture and define Britain and its storytellers in the 21st century, for the benefit of audiences at home and abroad.

- The BFI also support and host film festivals and sales companies who are premiering new UK films at key international film festivals and markets.

Why It Could Be Bad 

- There is not much funding into the British Film Industry making it hard to gain a bigger reputation for itself up against the billion pound blockbusters. 

-  It is quite a niche market. 

- Many people would not appreciate British Film as a large amount of it is cultural. Especially different countries with their own Cultures. 

- There are not many events or festivals supporting British Film and not a lot of ways of distributing and promoting the events, again due to lack of funding. 

- Less people are going to the cinema in general in recent years which would cause a loss in gross profits, particularly in Independent Film and Independent Cinema.

- There are less Independent Cinemas in Cities and hardly any in Towns across the UK. 

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