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I decided to do some more thorough research into app design because I would be proposing designs both for Design for Web and Design for Print & Web. I will look at a wide range of Iphone & Android App Interfaces as well as the Iphone Interface itself to give me a clearer of idea of user interaction, what works and what doesn't work.

I also researched into existing apps on my own Iphone, this was it gives me user interaction and the physical experience of seeing what works well and what doesn't.

My Iphone

Iphone Interface

as you can see from the image above, this is the general design for the Apple Iphone interface. As my app would be primarily for the Iphone, I would want it to fit seamlessly in with this design. This would include the 'blue' highlight when sections are selected. The use of Helvetica bold for the main body copy text. This is just most commonly easiest for readability and legibility on screen.

Also, most of the buttons have a gradient over the top to add a three dimensional shine making the button look more physical than just flat on screen. This is something that works really well in all apps and adds to the user interaction. 

As far as the navigation bar at the bottom goes. This usually included links that are used the most and therefore need to be within easy access. They usually are grey on black when not selected then light up with a chosen colour when selected and in use to make again add to clarity and user interaction. 

UI App Design

App Design for a Wine Tasting Cellar. I particularly like the red black and white colour scheme. There is not too much colours making it confusing and hard to navigate and I think this is one thing that can make an app successful. 

It is also based around cuisine which is relevant to my Restaurant. I can take some pointers of some of the selections. 

Android Restaurant App

This is a really good informative video about a template for a Restaurant App. Gives me an idea of user interactivity within the application. Also ideas for what to include within an app and how this can enhance the physical experience of dining in a Restaurant.

More creative app design within the boundaries of user interactivity. Using more colours and bright colours works well for this particular purpose but depends on the particular use of the app. This is for editing photographs in a very much 'fun' light hearted way so is perfect for this concept.

Flud News App 

Well put together app. Simple clean design that fits in well with the Iphone interface and also a really nice advertisement to go along with this.

Arles Festival

Like this interface design too. Simple icon pictograms and another 3 colour scheme, white, black yellow. I think that I wouldn't really include any more colours then 3 because this hinders interactivity by quite a lot. 

Forq App

Really like the design of this App for Ipad. It links up with the Restaurant creating a larger in house experience. The colour scheme is clean, Orange White and Black (again 3 colours). Also a layout which is a little bit different but also very easy to navigate. Includes full colour imagery of the meals which is also a nice touch to include in a restaurant enviroment. Gives a 'try before you buy' kind of feel. Also the option to create your own meals and recipes and take this away from the restaurant environment. 

More Experimental Ipad/Iphone Layouts 

Nice colour scheme. Using brighter 'web safe' colours. 

Very clean, well designed logos for application interface. 

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