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Print Processes - 7 Things To Know About Print

Based on a model for Lithographic Printing:-

- Colour Models
- Formats
- Artwork
- Stock
- Processes
- Finishing
- Costing

Colour Models

- CMYK - Print
- RGB - Screen
- Hexachrome - Printing Dots
- Spot Colour - A Colour outside CMYK
- PMS - Pantone Matching System


- Standard ISO paper sizes
- A & SRA sizes
- Imperial (North America) versus Metric (Rest of the World)
- Tabloid (compact) Broadsheet,  Berliner
- Envelope 'C' Sizes


- Weights (GSM)
- Finish - Gloss, Slik, Matt, Coated, Uncoated
- Recyclable or Sustainable Companies (Stock & Ink)
- Laid or Wove
- Boards, Carton (3D Printed Flat)
- Many More Variations
- Plastics and Acetates (Not Paper based)


- Document Set Up (Correct Size)
- File Formats & Fonts (Making sure that the printer has the fonts you have)
- Spellcheck
- Colour Specification (Making sure the colour is consistent)
- Printer Marks
- Pre-Flight Checks
- Mock-Ups (Important to see what it looks like physically before you print properly)
- Proof
- Sign Off (Really Important) Get the client to sign of so then if there is a problem it isn't your fault.

Print Processes 

- Lithographic
- Gravure
- Screen-Print
- Flexography
- PAD-Printing
- Six Colour
- Laminate - Gloss/Matt
- Foil Blocking
- Embossing/De-Bossing
- Spot UV Varnish


- Binding (What Type?)
- Folding and Creasing
- Die Cutting / Stamping / Drilling

Die Cut is cut out edges (outside)
and Die Stamp is the hole in the middle (inside)


- Get a quote early on, best before you start a job
- Identical specification for 3 print estimators to work to
- It dosent matter how many you get printed, it's the plate that costs in standard litho
- Sometimes the finish can cost nearly as much as the print job
- Leant roughly what things cost(unit cost)
- Understand viable minimum quantities. Larger printers won't do less than 1000 prints.
- Extras/Authors corrections
- Delivery of things? Paper is heavy and sometimes has to be delivered on a palette which can be extremely expensive.

In the publication info pack - find out costings, ring printers and get examples to put in there.

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