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OUGD401 //Evaluation & Breakdown of Theory into Practise

                             Evaluation & Breakdown of Publication


The publication will showcase 10pioneering Architectural structures That have been used in cult film over the last centruy. It will focus heavily on the ideas, concepts and visions of the architects and how modernist homes relate to different genres of film. It will raise the question of using modern homes are perceived and used to represent certain characters or situations. I will be foccusing on three genres of films to help get deliver my information ~ Villains, Heroes and Sci-Fi.


I took an online survey out across the college and also outside, posting it onto both social  and proffesional networking sites. In the survey, I included a large amount of Cult Classic films that contained Modernist Architecture in. The idea was to get an idea of which was the most popular films to the general publica and in particular, creatives. This way, It will allow me to keep my publication interesting and relevant to it’s target audeince as well as including the important information of Architecture in film.


I took part in extensive research tasks into the architects and buildings themselves. I gathered quotes and bits of information that were both interesting and relevant to the 


It was important to catergorise my films into generes using groups of around four films. The films that i chose to use in the end, fit nicelely into my three catergories of Heroes, Villains and Sci-Fi.


I watched the majority of films that I was using in my publication. Most, I had previously seen, but I felt in order to get a clear sense of the part the building play in the films, it’s important for me to see it myself to help forge my own opinion.


I researched into a variety of 
different publications before finally settling on the idea of a newspaper. I took direct influence from Vintage  Architecture magazines, Block, with large type (Helvetica) and black and white photographic images all layered together.   

Design Sheets

I worked mainly on design sheets to finalise my idea before moving into InDesign. I wanted to keep the
publication fresh and ‘modren’ whilst still keeping to the rules of modernist design for obvious reasons. I
experimented with block colours, shapes, tye and layout through design sheets to give me a clearer idea when i was to move forward digitally. 

Design Development

I used a strict type and grid template to create my publication. Each title page for films was exactly the same type but a diferent colour code and placement of hal-toned image. I used half-tone images to preserve the quality of the image when printed at large scale and to also reflect that of traditional printing methods. Each colour was chosen carefully for the colour coded films and that relates back to the films or building in some way. I experimented with placement of type whilst maintaing the strict grid format.


I created a qaurter size mock up so i had a hard-copy. this helped me get some good responses in the crit feedback as well as giving me a physical copy to make it much easier to check for typo’s and other
mistakes before i sent off for a final A3 sized newspaper to be printed.

Final Newspaper

I sent off for my newspaper using NewspaperClub.Com. They are quite a unique service that work on sending .psd files and print your newspaper using industrial printers. The finished printing quality is really nice and well worth outsourcing this, as appose to printing it myself, using newsprint.

I chose to use a newspaper as the format for a number of different reasons. Firstly, I wanted to keep the publication quite modern and up to date. A creative newspaper is keeping things interesting. I was also
thinking about product placement. You could maybe pick it up in an independat book shop or picture house. This seemed relevant to the content. Lastly, i wanted to symbolise arcitects work. They usually work on large scale sheets to design, and sometimes blueprints so this was in the back of my head when I was considering format.

                                                          Presentation Boards 

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