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OUGD404 // What Is A Line? // Zine Research

One of my ideas and routes i was going to go down for this brief was to manually create the collages, then print out the text and photocopy my work into zines to get this riso-print look. I would make around 10 zines that i could then give away. I have also toyed with the idea of printing onto graph paper or just using graph paper in my manuel collages.

To do this i would have to manually create the pages how they would be then just photocopy them and staple them into books. I like this idea as it give the riso-printed look and also the hand-made element.

Iv'e been looking at various zines to get a feel for what i will be creating...


i want to look at using different stocks like the pink and green thin paper used in alot of catalogue's work. Not sure what stock this is but i will have a look around to see what i can find.

i have also picked up some fluorescent paper in different colours as i want to use this to print my covers onto. Here is a zine made using Fluorescent paper...

Catalogue For LCA

I like the idea of having a tab as the front cover!

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