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How to ask for Forgiveness - Primary Research

After looking at mainly secondary research, i decided to form my own survey asking people about the subject. This will be useful for me, as i can use specific personal questions that are more useful and relevant to me and get first hand research.

I used the website Survey Monkey for this. I recommend this to everyone who wants to create a survey that can be easily sent around the internet and emailed out for quick and more responses.

These are the six questions that i carefully came up with for the survey. I wanted to keep it short enough so that the people taking it didn't get bored but also have enough relevant questions that will help my research. 

This is just a screenshot of what the survey looks like when the link to it is clicked. 

A screenshot of the answers. I can go sign into the website anytime to check how many people have taken the survey and what answers are being chosen the most. 

I posted out on Facebook to get people to take the survey. Social Networking sites are a really good tool for this. 

I also sent a few emails out to hopefully get some more responses to my survey.

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