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Alphabet Soup - Typeface - Group Crit Feedback

The main thing i wanted to find out from my group crit was if i was taking the right route. Which style of font should i go for? which works best? which best describes josh as a person as well as just his hair?

Everyone in my group liked the more realistic style the best. Some things that people liked about the font was...

- The gaps left that had been created by the hair
- The seductiveness of the overall letterforms
- The realistic elements to the type
- The detail and intricate elements
- The way it works as a series (although unfinished)

I asked if my typeface was too literal, only showing what everyone would see about josh rather than his personality. I was then asked if i wanted to show Josh as a person by this, or if i wanted to include more detail about his personality? which would work best?

Overall i like the idea i have, i think it is a strong, unique idea that will work. It shows josh as a person and has a comical aspect but also with deeper meaning.

I have tried to make the font not only a literal translation of his hair, but also been influenced by other elements of his personality.

- He likes the sea and Caribbean islands, therefore i have moulded the hair to also react like waves, and think this is a natural link with the two anyway.

- He is also a chilled, laid-back character, which again is reflected in the waves and intricate wavy lines of the hair.

- He likes reggae music, which again links into both of these

- He also mentioned his family a lot, so i have taken influence from this, trying to include literal translations, roots grow and expand, much like roots of somebody's hair.

I am glad i had the chance of the group crit. It has given me  a strong idea of where i would like to take my font, and what i want my finished typeface to look like, and how this represents Josh. 

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