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Alphabet Soup - Typeface - Font Research

For my typeface, i want it to be inspired by 'HAIR'. The reason being, Josh has lots of it. 

Here i have been looking at some 'HAIRY' existing fonts. 

Source // Behance
A font i found on the Behance Network, created from a cut up wig. I am going to be hand drawing mine, but can use actually hair/wigs for inspiration, maybe scan them in and draw from them. Really clever and nice idea, executed in this case, really well.

Another 'Hair' inspired font i found again on Behance. This font was inspired by 'Futura'. Another well executed attempt at a similar idea to the last. 

Design made from cut out paper by the same artist as the last image, Craig Ward. This isn't associated with hair but has taken inspiration from leaves and vines and is a really nice idea. 

Source // Type Nuts

More hair inspired Typeface. This time, using bows  on the end of each bunch of hair to form the letterforms. Might be something to think about before panning my own type. 

Hair Font from Nacho Gil on Vimeo.

Moving image, Hair Alphabet created by artist Nacho Gil. Really like the concept of this and how it has been executed. Obviously, my font won't be moving image, but  i will take influence from this and the movement of hair, before creating my own.

Source // Dilo Klak

Like this font alot. It is inspired by hair but has a much more illustrative feel about it than the others i have researched. Using these fine hand drawn wavy lines, the artist has built up these really nice letterforms that almost look like balls of fur. 

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