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Alphabet Soup - Starting Point

I chose to go with the letter 'Tt' for my project for a number of different reasons. The first reason being that it is one of the more interesting letters to look at, when you think about both upper and lower case. When you compare some letters like 'Ll' and 'Ii'. Upper case 'T' is made from straight lines which would be nice to work with under the describing word 'Stretch'. Also the lower case 't' has nice curves and straight lines in so this will also be nice to work with to see what results i can achieve. The other reason was that the letter 'T' also has a personal meaning to me and i would like to think that this would encourage me to create better things with this letter.

I started to look at some fonts, just in photoshop, to help me chose what kind of font i would like to use as my starting point before creating my own letterforms from this. Here are some different examples that i looked at.

I fairly quickly came to the decision that i wanted to keep my starting point pretty simple much like the basic  'Myriad Pro' font at the top of the post. This is the most common font that you would likely see and recognise and this way it gave me more scope with my letters to work under the word stretch.

I did some basic skewing and stretching of some fonts in photoshop, just to give me a basic idea of distorting the original font by expanding and stretching it and also gave me some further ideas of how i could stretch my letters. I started to think of things that stretch and how to make a letter looked stretched.

  • Making the font stretch 3D, Downwards or behind to look like it is coming out of the page. 
  • Chewing gum, Stringy Font, Messy and stretched. 
  • Messing with the perspective of the font to make it look like parts have been stretched towards or away form you 
  • Elastic bands, long and stretchy 
  • Stretched across the square, so it does not fit properly. 

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